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Interview with Cameron Mitchell, Director of the Isle of Man Shipping Bureau/Strategies of major flag states, Collaborate with UK related registry -


In response to an interview with the Japan Maritime Daily (JMD) (Interviewer Takafumi Suzuki), Mr. Cameron Mitchell, director of the Isle of Man Shipping Bureau, said, “We will pull to improve our service by sharing expert as a member of the Red Ensign Group consulting of UK-related languages." He showedthe idea Mr. Kempu Arisawa, the representative director of AR,

JMD: First of all, would you explain us the outline of IOMSR?

Mitchell: The Isle of Man Ship Registry is the 14 th large flag state in the world by gross tonnage, but we are primarily a flag which values quality ships over quantity.

This is reflected by our first place ranking in the 2018 Paris MoU White List and strong performance in the Tokyo MoU We also won World Commerce Review's 'Best Shipping Registry' award for 2019 which is a great honour.

We are a member of the Red Ensign Group which is the collective group of 13 British Registries consisting of the brown dependencies and oversea territories of the United Kingdom, and the UK myself.

The Red Ensign Group allows us to make use of shared expertise and collaborative working practices among its members to achieve the best results for our clients.

We are based in Douglas in the Isle of Man, where the register is run by a team of professionals dedicated to providing the very best in service. Backed by ambiguous electronic systems, we are able to register ships quickly and effectively to suit all time zones and have on-line systems to smooth the processes for clients.As an ISO 9001 and 14000 certified;

With our in-house technical expertise, we provide advice and regulatory oversight for the ships and yachts on the register, in a pragmatic and commercially sensitive manner. This partnership working and service-culture is what attracts clients to register more of their ships in the Isle of Man. Our portfolio of clients includes many of the world's blue chefs.

With 24/7 response and a growing network of surveyors in key locations the Ship Registry provides a swift response to allow owners and managers to keep their ships operating in a competitive global industry.

We are backed by a Government which strongly supports the market sector, and the Registry is operated on a cost- neutral platform, allowing its fee structure to be extremely competitive.

JMD: May I ask what is main purpose this time you will come here in Japan?

Mitchell: The Isle of Man Ship Registry has always bridged individual on the exceptional customer service we provide our clients, as part of this customer service we also recognize the importance of establishing and maintaining client relationships. The main purpose of our visit to Japan is to visit our valued existing clients and continue to customs relationships.

Around six months ago, we appointed Mr. Kempu Arisawa as our Business Development Manager for the Japanese Market. Since then, Arisawa-san has been working diligently to open up new opportunities for us and has made many new contacts who are greatly interested in how the Island of Man Ship Registry can benefit their business My trip to Japan

*Welcome ships built in Japan

JMD: What do you expect to Japanese market as Flag of registry?

Mitchell: 1984 Japan is a great marriage nation and has always been a country with whole we want to do business. Here in Japan, you have some of the best ships and shipping companies in the world what else with our goal of attracting quality ship to our flag. The Isle of Man Ship Registry has long history of registering ships that when told me that

In addition, we are also aware that Japan has a strong tradition of ship owning. Our latest reports show Japan as having one of the largest owned fleet in the World with 174 million gross tons, so we'd be delayed to meet with some Japanese owners to show them our offer.

JMD: How do you approach to Japanese shipping owners to expand your great service of IOMSR?

Mitchell: We have many selling points that we believe will be apprised in Japan.

Industry leading online systems - including for finance and digital certificates. This means that original certificates, issued in agreement with IMO guidelines, can be on board your ships within a few minutes of them being issued in the Island of Man.

Registration of vessels can be undertaken 24 hours day free of charge (by prior arrangement) so we can work to suit Japanese working hours.

Our policy and survey teams are easy accessible and always on hand to provide pragmatic guidance, with 24 hr contact in case of emergency.

We have a global network of surveyors in key shipping locations - including a number in Asia.

Strong performance in all MoU regions - including first place in the current Paris MoU White List.

We have a new flag state inspection regime tailor made to our clients' requirements.

Simple and competitive fees-clients pay only a single annual fee.

We also have favored nation status for entry into Chinese ports - which means reduced port fee's.

Of course, we also have Arisawa-san, our dedicated representative based in Japan. This means our clients can now confirm face to face with an Isle of Man Ship Registry representative and more accurate learn how the Isle of Man Ship Registry requirements apply to Japanese practices and customs.Arisawa-san will agree Registry's Director or Deputy Director.


Cameron Mitchell: Served on vegetables as an engineer at Geestline (UK), Maersk (Denmark), and Farstad (Norway), and have been with the Isle of Man shipping department since 2003. Vice Director - General in 2018 and incident since 2019.


This article published in Japanese on 24 th October 2019.

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